The Unsilent Library - Essays on the Russell T. Davies Era of the New Doctor Who

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Simon Bradshaw, Antony Keen & Graham Sleight (ed.)
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Science Fiction Foundation
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In 2011, The Unsilent Library - Essays on the Russell T. Davies Era of the New Doctor Who was released by Science Fiction Foundation.

Cover blurbEdit

The return of Doctor Who to regular TV production after many years of absence has proven to be one of the BBC's greatest successes of the last decade. To a great extent this is down to the distinctive re-invention of the programme by its chief writer and executive producer, Russell T. Davies, and the group of writers — many, like him, long-term Who fans — he assembled. The Unsilent Library examines the storytelling style and techniques of the first five years of the New Doctor Who. Ten in-depth critical essays explore how its writers have updated a series with a history stretching back five decades to stand in the forefront of contemporary science fiction drama.

With contributions by:
Richard Burley • Catherine Coker • Andrew Duncan and Sydney Duncan • Paul Hawkins • Antony Keen • Una McCormack • Leslie McMurtry • Clare Peabody • James Rose • Graham Sleight

and a foreword by Doctor Who writer Robert Shearman


  • Launched at the Redemption '11 convention in Coventry from Feb 25-27.

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