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Colin Baker, David Troughton, Geoffrey Beevers, Nicholas Briggs
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You might be looking for The Stranger: Eye of the Beholder (VHS).

In 2007, The Stranger: Eye of the Beholder was released on DVD.

Cover blurbEdit

Creatures from a Dimensional Web who have taken human form to carry out acts of indiscriminate terrorism. Egan and Saul are committed Preceptors, but Soloman has renounced his calling.

Now, wrenched back to Earth from the Web by some unknown force, the Preceptors stumble upon Metaphysic, a heavily guarded research project where they encounter Hunter and the talented Meta.

As Hunter's experiment runs out of control, Egan finds that killing isn't easy when your emotions are being manipulated. To save the situation Soloman must revert to his Preceptor training, something he hoped he'd never do... order to survive he must kill!

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  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
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