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Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer
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In 2005, The Simpsons: Bart Wars was released on DVD.

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Dog of Death: The Simpsons' dog needs an operation that the family can barely afford. They save the animal's life but resent the dog so much that he runs away. He becomes one of Mr. Burns' infamous hounds-til Bart's love wins him back.

Marge Be Not Proud: Bart shoplifts from a store, and thinks his crime has been successfully concealed. Then the Simpsons go to the store for a Christmas photo and Marge is ashamed to learn what her son has done.

The Secret War of Lisa Simpson: Bart joins an all-male military school-as does Lisa. Her grit is tested more than it ever has been, particularly when she must survive an obstacle course known a "The Eliminator."

Mayored to the Mob: The family attends the Springfield Bi-Monthly Science Fiction Convention (Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con). After Homer saves Mark Hamill from unruly fans, he decides to become a bodyguard for Mayor Quimby-whose life is now being threatened by mobster Fat Tony.

Features the guest voices of Willem Dafoe, Mark Hamill, Phil Hartman, Joe Mantegna, Dick Tufeld, Lawrence Tierney, Marcia Wallace.

Special featuresEdit


  • Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Region: 1 NTSC
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
  • Running time: 112 minutes


  • Mayored to the Mob, an episode of The Simpsons, features a cameo of the Fourth Doctor at a sci-fi convention.

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