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In 2005, The Second Coming was released on DVD.

Cover blurbEdit

BAFTA - Best Drama nomination
BAFTA - Best Actor nomination

"Outstanding! Programmes as good as this come alond very rarely" ACTION TV
"Unique, thrilling, original and thought provoking... an incredible premise grounded in a believable reality" ACTION TV

What if there was a Second Coming and the Son of God arrived on earth? What would he say? What would you do?

Are you ready for Judgement Day?

From the writer/producer of the brand new series of 'Doctor Who' (Russell T Davies) and The Doctor himself (Christopher Eccleston) comes this chilling, BAFTA - nominated drama.

Christopher Eccleston plays Steve Baxter, a video shop worker, who is found wandering the Yorkshire Moors after 40 days and nights, mumbling that he is the Son of God.

Steve isn't mad - he is The Second Coming. He needs to stage a major event to get the world to sit up and take notice, so he performs a miracle that brings northern England to a complete standstill.

The world's media kicks into a frenzy. Steve has a simple purpose - mankind must produce a Third Testament, or face Judgement Day in five days time. Fear, cynicism and violence erupt and worldwide pandemonium ensues.

But if God is real then so is the Devil. Can the Third Testament be found in time? Can the Son of God save the human race?

'The Second Coming' is an ambitious and challenging drama from Russell T Davies, the award-winning creator of 'Queer As Folk' and writer/producer of 'Doctor Who', written with his customary originality and boldness. It's presented here in its original UK format of two 70-minute episodes, supplemented by over 35 minutes of deleted scenes and a lively and informative commentary.

Starring Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who, 28 Days Later, Elizabeth, Cracker) and Lesley Sharp (The Full Monty, Clocking Off, Bob & Rose).

Special featuresEdit

  • Deleted Scenes (37 mins)
  • Out-takes
  • Feature Commentary from writer Russell T Davies & director Adrian Shergold
  • Deleted Scenes Commentary


  • Subtitles:
  • Region: 4 PAL
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Running time: 145 mins approx

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