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You might be looking for The PanoptiCon Tapes: Vol 5 - Dragonfire or PanoptiCon VII.

In 2004, The PanoptiCon Tapes: 5. Dragonfire & 6. PanoptiCon VII was released on DVD.

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DOCTOR WHO has a devoted fan following who regularly meet at conventions to discuss, debate and sometimes argue over their favourite programme.

THE PANOPTICON TAPES feature vintage highlights from Britain's largest conventions which were originally organised by The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) but are now run by Dominitemporal Services Ltd.


How is a DOCTOR WHO story made? Cast and crew from the DOCTOR WHO story DRAGONFIRE got together at PANOPTICON IX in a lively and sometimes hilarious discussion which covers every aspect of the making of a television programme.


1986 was the 10th Anniversary of the DWAS and for the first time professional cameras were there to record the event. This special production includes highlights from the convention, home movies from early PANOPTICONS (featuring TOM BAKER and PATRICK TROUGHTON) and the reminicences from organisers, actors and production staff about the early days of fandom.

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