In 2000, The Land of the Dead was released by Big Finish Productions on cassette.

The Land of the Dead

Land of the dead cassette

Big Finish Audio Adventures
Release date
January 2000
Original RRP
No information
No. of Cassettes
Produced by
Big Finish
Peter Davison & Sarah Sutton
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Cover blurbEdit

Landing in Alaska, the Doctor and Nyssa encounter a group of people in a most unusual house, cut off not only by the harsh climate but by their individual secrets and obsessions.

Millionaire Shaun Brett is utilising chunks of the local area to construct a shrine to his dead father. But when deadly creatures start roaming outside, and a terrifying discovery is made inside the house, the Doctor realises that Brett has unleashed an unimaginably ancient force.

This story takes place between Time-Flight and Arc of Infinity.


  • Also released on CD

Users who have this in their collectionEdit

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