The Completely Useless Encyclopedia

Completely useless encyclopedia

Chris Howarth & Steve Lyons
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Virgin Books
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In 1996, The Completely Useless Encyclopedia was released by Virgin Books.

Cover blurbEdit

A desperate attempt to cash in on the popular BBC TV series.

At last! The book they thought there wasn't a market for; packed with information so trivial we guarantee it will have no relevance to your life (if you have one).

Inside this slender yet reassuringly expensive volume you will find:

— The saddest items of merchandise
— The rudest monsters in Doctor Who
— Absolutely no lavish illustrations
— Season Eighteen
and lots of other things!

"Hilarious, witty...sorry, which book?" — Sophie Aldre "So good, it would have taken me a whole day to write it." — Terrance Dick "The ideal reference work for you, if you're not a Scarf-Wearing Fanatical Completist (and if you are, you'll have to buy it anyway)." — Peter Darvill-Evan "Nothing in ze vorld can shtop me now!" — Herman Zaroff


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