Tears of the Oracle

Tears of the oracle

Virgin New Adventures
Justin Richards
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In 1999, Tears of the Oracle was released by Virgin Books.

Cover blurbEdit

'Benny, you're ill. Let us help you. We want to help you. Really we do. This paranoia. These delusions. What you've done - it's driven you insane. Nobody wants to hurt you. We're your friends.'

On Dellah, the shattered former home of Bernice Summerfield, only the Advanced Research centre still survives — the last remnant of the once famous university. But it's under siege from from fanatical groups of religious inquisitors, searching for new converts or dangerous heretics.

Benny would have to be mad to go back.

Jason Kane, Bernice's one-time husband and all-time opportunist, has found the ancient remains of the Oracle of the Lost on an obscure planetoid known only as KS-159. Or so he says.

Benny would have to be mad to believe him.

The mysterious Irving Braxiatel is looking for somewhere quiet to house his huge collection of... everything.

Benny would have to be mad to suggest KS-159.

The Oracle of the Lost, legend says, can answer any question. but the cryptic answers she gives are never helpful, and often dangerous.

Benny would have to be mad to reawaken her.
Or ask a question.
Or believe the answer.

JUSTIN RICHARDS lives and writes in Warwick, within sight of the castle. According to legend, you can probably find more information at, but you'd have to be mad to look.

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