Target books

Established in 1972, Target Books was the main publisher of Doctor Who fiction throughout the 1970s and '80s until the early 1990s. Technically an imprint, and not an independent publisher, Target books were published by 'the paperback division of WH Allen & Co' from 1977-1989. WH Allen was purchased by the Virgin Group in the late 1980s and changed its name to Virgin Publishing in 1991.

Generally considered their 'flagship' range was their continual line of Doctor Who novelisations. These novelisations were adapted from popular episodes of the television series, and were usually novelised by the original script writer, or an in-house author, such as Terrance Dicks or Nigel Robinson.

Target also produced a number of other Doctor Who books, including ranges such as The Companions of Doctor Who and Doctor Who Discovers.


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