Short Trips: The Solar System

Short trips the solar system

Short Trips
Edited by Gary Russell
Release date
October 2005
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Big Finish
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In 2005, Short Trips: The Solar System was released by Big Finish.

Cover blurbEdit

A star like many others in the western spire of the Milky Way galaxy.

Around it, orbit its planets — each one has its own environment; its own history; its own circumstances.

The third planet of the ten is the most-densely populated. And, over time, its inhabitants have reached out to the other worlds.

There, they find surprises, wonders, danger.

Welcome to the solar system.


  • Mercury by Eddie Robson
  • Venus by Stuart Manning
  • Earth by Jim Mortimore
  • Mars by Trevor Baxendale
  • Jupiter by Andy Russell
  • Saturn by Alison Lawson
  • Uranus by Craig Hinton
  • Neptune by Richard Dinnick
  • Pluto by Dale Smith
  • Sedna by Andrew Frankham

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