Short Trips: Farewells

Short trips farewells

Short Trips
Edited by Jacqueline Rayner
Release date
April 2006
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Big Finish
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In 2006, Short Trips: Farewells was released by Big Finish.

Cover blurbEdit

'After all, who knows, if I go down well, I might even make it my farewell performance.'

Sometimes it's easy to say goodbye — to a friend, to a way of life, to a lover. Sometimes it's heartbreaking. And sometimes they just won't take the hint.

Say hello to 14 stories of goodbyes, as the Fourth Doctor contemplates his mortality after a funeral; a young man goes to murderous lengths to stop Jo Grant from leaving him; the First Doctor considers his flight from Gallifrey; the Fifth Doctor desperately tries to get rid of an unwanted companion - and more.


  • The Mother Road by Gareth Wigmore
  • Father Figure by Steve Lyons
  • The Bad Guy by Stephen Fewell
  • Separation Day by Andy Campbell
  • The Very Last Picture Show by Andrew Collins
  • Into the Silent Land by Steven A. Roman
  • Wake by Jake Elliot
  • The Velvet Dark by Stewart Sheargold
  • Life After Quelth by Matt Kimpton
  • Black and White by John Binns
  • Curtain Call by Joseph Lidster
  • Utopia by Darren Sellars
  • The Wickerwork Man by Paul Magrs
  • The Three Paths by Ian Potter

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