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Jon Pertwee Biography

Bernard Bale
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Andre Deutsch
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Written mostly by Bernard Bale, with around 1/3 written by Jon's wife Ingeborg, this book is a moving and definitivwe account of Jon Pertwee's (The Third Doctor) life. From being funny to sad, it provides a frank but personal account of all aspects of Jon's life. Covering, among others, his years in the Navy, his roles in The Navy Lark, Worzel Gummidge, and, of course, his time as the Doctor. The best bit of the book has to be the chapters written by Ingeborg (The Man - The Last Chapter) provide a magnificent glimpse about who Jon Pertwee was off the screen. From dealing to psycho fans to meeting Royals, life with Jon Pertwee was never easy but always fun. I shal phrase how the book ends with this rather lovely comment, "Jon Pertwee remains a star forever."

Cover BlurbEdit

For many, Jon Pertwee was the definitive Doctor Who. For others he was the man who gave life to their childhood hero, Worzel Gummidge. The characters he played were immensely varied and everyone has there favourite from his numerous radio shows and stage appearances.

Jon Pertwee — The Biography is written with full co-operation from Jon's friends and family including Ingeborg, his wife for 36 years who talks in depth about his role as husband, and father to Sean and Dariel. It combines the words of Jon with anecdotes from those great names with whom he worked — including Ronnie Barker, Una Stubbs, Peter Davison, David Jacobs, amongst many others.

This fascinating biography takes an in-depth look at the success and faliers of an entertainer of many contradictions — a man who loved both designing waistcoats and riding motorbikes, a man who, when engulfed in comedy, longed to be taken seriously and when playing serious roles yearned for humour.

It was as the dashing and debonair Doctor Who that won Jon his most admirers around the globe, and he was still receiving invitations to conventions and fan mail up until his sad and sudden death in 1996.

Jon Pertwee — The Biography is a celebration of a remarkable and versatile actor.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. In the Beginning
  • 2. Growing Up
  • 3. Treading the Boards
  • 4. A Real Actor
  • 5. The Navy Lark - Part One
  • 6. The Duration
  • 7. A Fight to the Finish
  • 8. Back In Business
  • 9. The Navy Lark - Part Two
  • 10. Carry On Filming
  • 11. Doctor Who
  • 12. To the End of Time
  • 13. Worzel Gummidge
  • 14. The Man
  • 15. Bourne End
  • 16. Fans and Circuses
  • 17. Holiday Haunt
  • 18. Castelnau
  • 19. The Last Chapter
  • Tributes