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Lars Pearson
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In 2002, I, Who 2 - The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who Novels & Audios was released by Mad Norwegian Press.

Cover blurbEdit

The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who Novels & Audios

Earth, the 20th century. A Time Lord known as the Doctor, lacking an identity, past or agenda — but still the most dangerous man in the Universe — makes our innocent blue-green planet his home through the World War years and more.

Dellah, the late 26th century. Bernice Summerfield, self-accredited academic, professional lush, agent of God and razor-honed sarcastic, holds the potential to stop Universal armageddon — if she lives.

Through all the triumphs, all the tragedies, every drop of furor-driven love, unrequited emotion and loss, I, Who 2 documents the "Doctor Who" original novels after the Earth-shaking Interference, the whole of the Benny books, the Big Finish audio line and more. It's a literary and audio tapestry so vast, it takes 170,000 words and a myriad of locations in time and space to tell this story.

The Doctor would approve.


  • Exclusive Introduction by Star Trek novelist Peter David
  • Cover by Bryan Hitch (The Ultimates & The Authority)
  • Includes missing chapter from the Doctor Who novel The Sands of Time
  • Indexes all eighth Doctor novels from The Blue Angel to Escape Velocity plus all past Doctor novels from Sept. 1999 (City at World's End) to Feb. 2001 (Bunker Soldiers)
  • Indexes all Big Finish audios through Minuet in Hell
  • Covers the entire Bernice Summerfield book & audio line
  • Includes write-ups on apocryphal works such as Campaign and The Masters of Luxor
  • Novelist round table with acclaimed Who authors Justin Richards, Andy Lane, Kate Orman, Lawrence Miles, Jonathan Morris and more!


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