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Genesis of the daleks slipback cassette

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Produced by
AVP Corporation/The Mind's Eye under license from BBC Audio
Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Ian Marter, Michael Wisher, Peter Miles, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant
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You might be looking for Genesis of the Daleks (CD).
You might be looking for Slipback (CD).

In 1989, Genesis of the Daleks & Slipback was released by AVP Corporation/The Mind's Eye.

US editionEdit

Cover blurbEdit

Here are two stories to celebrate DR. WHO'S 25th Anniversary. In Genesis of the Daleks the Doctor (Tom Baker) is sent by the Time Lords to the desolate planet, Skaro, to avert the creation of the Daleks, who threaten to dominate the entire Universe!

In Slipback the Doctor stumbles upon a shocking secret - one upon which depends the fate of the Universe. This is the only DR. WHO story specially written for radio with Colin Baker as the Doctor.


  • Running time: 2 hours approx

Users who have this in their collectionEdit

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