Doctor Who und die Invasion der Daleks
Series Doctor Who
Author David Whitaker
Peter Tuscher (Translator)
Publisher Goldmann Verlag
Release date July 1989
Dalek invasion earth novel German
Format Paperback
Page count
Original RRP DM7,80
Language German
Cover blurb Notes
Die einzigartige britische Fernsehserie jetzt als Goldmann Taschenbuch!

Der phantastische Dr. WHO mit seinem unmöglichen Raum-schiff auf Abenteuersuche im Weltall!

The title translates to "Doctor Who and the Invasion of the Daleks". The similarly title Doctor Who and the the Dalek Invasion of Earth was translated as "Conspiracy of the Daleks".

The cover are of this novelisation and that of Doctor Who and the Destiny of the Daleks were switched by the German publisher for unkown reasons.

Cover art by Andrew Skilleter.

ISBN 3442236118

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