Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders

Planet of the spiders cd

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Terrance Dicks
Elizabeth Sladen
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In 2009, Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders was released on CD.

Cover blurbEdit

‘It’s happening, Brigadier! It’s happening!’ Sarah cried out.

The Brigadier watched, fascinated, as the lifeless body of his old friend and companion, Doctor Who, suddenly began to glow with an eerie golden light... The features were blurring, changing... ‘Well, bless my soul,’ said the Brigadier. ‘WHO will he be next?’

The last exciting adventure of Doctor Who’s third incarnation. Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith in the original TV serial on which this book is based, reads Terrance Dicks’ complete and unabridged novelisation.

Users who have this in their collectionEdit

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