In 2007, Doctor Who The Official Annual 2008 was released by Penguin.

Doctor Who Annual 2008

DWA 2008

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  • Adventures in Space and Time
  • Know Your Enemy - The Carrionites
  • Dalek Wordsearch
  • Myth Maker (comic strip)
  • Worst-Space Scenario: A Survivor's Hanbook
  • Stargazing
  • Know Your Enemy - The Weeping Angels
  • Watch Hunt
  • The Planet That Wept
  • Know Your Enemy - The Family of Blood
  • The Master
  • Christams Quiz
  • Captain Jack's Conundrum
  • Know Your Enemy - The Judoon
  • Daleks - A History Terror!
  • Swarm Enemies (comic strip)
  • Alien Grid
  • Time War Battleships
  • Doctor's Miscellany
  • Know Your Enemy - Dalek Sec Hybrid
  • Martha's Shopping List
  • Make your Own Journal of Impossible Things
  • Bard Game
  • So-Doc-Who
  • Know Your Enemy - The Racnoss
  • Answers


Offical annual

The "Offical" Annual

  • Thousands of copies were recalled to the publisher after being sent to retailers, when it was discovered that the spine mis-spelt the title as "The Offical Annual 2008"
  • A corrected version reappeared in shops within a couple of weeks, but some copies of the misprinted version made it into fans' hands (though obviously these are relatively rare)

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