In 2006, Doctor Who The Official Annual 2007 was released by BBC Books.

Doctor Who Annual 2007

DWA 2007

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Cover blurbEdit



  • Meet the Doctor
  • Friends Old and New
  • Who Would You Be?
  • Know Your Enemy: Cassandra
  • Monster Hunt
  • Mirror Image (comic strip)
  • Know Your Enemy: Krillitanes
  • Is Your Teacher an Alien?
  • K-9's Cafe Confustion
  • Doctor Ho Ho!
  • Solar System
  • Spacial Awarness
  • Know Your Enemy: Ood
  • The Torchwood Institute
  • Police Box Party!
  • Werewolf Attack!
  • Which Alien Are You Most Like?
  • Going Round In Circles
  • Know Your Enemy: Slitheen
  • Escape from Raxacoricofallapatorious
  • Not Exactly Rocket Science
  • Down the Rabbit Hole (comic strip)
  • Make Your Own Time Capsule
  • Know Your Enemy: Daleks
  • Message Madness
  • Doomsday!
  • TARDIS Tracker
  • Know Your Enemy: Cybermen
  • Act Like a Time Lord
  • Doctor Who Adventures

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