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The Doctor Who Collectors Wiki is a wiki where all merchandise, collectibles or general items relating to the show Doctor Who and it's spinoffs will be catalogued and listed.

Each item will have it's own page which will list when it was released, where it was released and any other relevant info. It will also say on each items page who has that item as part of their collection. Also, users can list what they have on their user page (using links to the item pages). This way it is easy for Doctor Who fans all over the world to keep a track of their collection.


  • An item can become part of the Doctor Who Collectors Wiki if...
  1. It has been commercially released
  2. It is a Doctor Who item
  3. If it has a Doctor Who reference in/on it
  4. Each and every variation counts as a separate release, as long as each variation was released commercially
  • An item cannot be listed on the Doctor Who Collectors Wiki if...
  1. It was not commercially released
  2. It was a one-off (eg. no props or costumes)
  3. Remember: Doctor Who stars in other shows/movies do not count as Doctor Who references


  • A Doctor Who reference can be anything. Even if the word "Dalek" is mentioned once in a 1000-page book, that book (and all its variations) can be listed on this wiki.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a message on my talk page.

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