Volume 7
Episodes A Cold Day in Hell!
The Crossroads of Time
Claws of the Klathi!
Planet of the Dead
Culture Shock!
Echoes of the Mogor!
Authors Simon Furman
Mike Collins
John Freeman
Grant Morrison
Dan Abnett
Editors Justin Eisinger
Alonzo Simon
Sheila Cranna
Richard Starkings
Denton J. Tipton
Artists John Ridgway
Kev Hopgood
Geoff Senior
Kevin Higgins
Lee Sullivan
Bryan Hitch
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Published by IDW Publishing
Doctor who classics volume 7
Series Classics
Country United States
Release date 7 September 2011
Format Paperback
No. of pages 128
Original RRP $19.99
Cover blurb Users who have this
IDW's collections of remastered and fully colored classic Doctor Who tales return with the Seventh Doctor! From the far reaches of space to Victorian London, follow the seventh incarnation of the Doctor - as portrayed by Sylvester McCoy - as he faces the reptilian Ice Warriors and other fantastic threats. This volume features the finest writers and artists Who has to offer, such as Grant Morrison, Dan Abnett, Simon Furman, Bryan Hitch, and John Ridgway.


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