Volume 6
Episodes The Shape Shifter
Polly the Glot
Once Upon a Time~Lord
Kane's Story
Abel's Story
The Warrior's Story
Frobisher's Story
Authors Steve Parkhouse
Alan McKenzie
Editors Justin Eisinger
Mariah Huehner
Alan McKenzie
Ian Rimmer
Cefn Ridout
Denton J. Tipton
Artist John Ridgway
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Published by IDW Publishing
O86a-graphic novel
Series Classics
Country United States
Release date 8 December 2010
Format Paperback
No. of pages 164
Original RRP $19.99
Cover blurb Users who have this
More great stories from Doctor Who Magazine are collected here in Doctor Who Classics! Catch up with the Sixth Doctor and his exploits, as written by Steve Parkhouse and Alan McKenzie, in stories like The Shape Shifter, the five-part Voyager, Once Upon a Time~Lord, Funhouse, Abel's Story, and more, all illustrated by John Ridgway!


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