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Character Options has been the holder of the Doctor Who toy license since 2005, and has produced a large range of toys and merchandise based on the series, including 5" and 12" action figures, and numerous other items.


Releases (New Series Figures) Edit

Series 1 Edit

Series 2 Edit

Series 3 Edit

Series 5Edit

Series 6Edit


Sarah Jane Adventures FiguresEdit

Releases (Box Sets)Edit


Series 1Edit

Series 2Edit

Series 3Edit

Series 6Edit


Releases (12 inch or Over)Edit

12 inch Figures Edit

18 Inch FiguresEdit

Releases (Character Building)Edit

Single FiguresEdit

Series 1Edit

Series 2Edit

Super Rare VarientsEdit


Micro Figure SetsEdit

Army Builder PacksEdit

Mini SetsEdit

Main SetsEdit

Releases (Time Squad)Edit

5 Figure PacksEdit

2 Figure PacksEdit

2010 End of Time Collect & Bulid WaveEdit

Other Gadgets & ToysEdit


Journal of Impossible ThingsEdit

Other GadgetsEdit

Voice ChangersEdit

TARDIS Money BanksEdit

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