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"I'm the Doctor, and you're in the biggest library in the universe. Look me up."
The Doctor to the Vashta Nerada in Forest of the Dead.

Doctor Who books have been released since 1964, just a few weeks after Doctor Who began airing. From novelisations to annuals, reference guides to quiz books, short story anthologies to original fiction, Doctor Who books have been released in nearly every form of prose.

All manner of authors have contributed to the continually growing range of Doctor Who books, including production staff such as Terrance Dicks, Philip Hinchcliffe and Russell T Davies, actors and actresses (such as Ian Marter), and even popular authors such as Douglas Adams, Robert Holmes and Michael Moorcock.

Items are listed below by alphabetical order by series. Many publishers' releases are on their own page. Likewise, Annuals and Graphic Novels are listed in separate sections.

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