Revenge of the cybermen tape B rerelease betamax

Betamax (also called Beta, as in its logo) is a consumer-level analog-recording and cassette format of magnetic tape for video. The first seven UK Doctor Who VHSes were also released on Betamax from 1983 to 1986. Only seven Doctor Who stories have ever been released on this defunct format, produced by BBC Video. The two Peter Cushing Dalek movies were also released by Thorn EMI.


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Dr. Who & the Daleks
April 1982

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Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
April 1982

Revenge of the cybermen uk vhs

Revenge of the Cybermen
3 October 1983

Brain of morbius uk vhs

The Brain of Morbius
9 July 1984

Pyramids of mars uk vhs

Pyramids of Mars
4 February 1985

Seeds of death betamax

The Seeds of Death
17 July 1985

Five doctors original uk vhs

The Five Doctors
9 September 1985

Robots of death uk vhs

The Robots of Death
21 April 1986

Day of the daleks uk vhs

The Day of the Daleks
7 July 1986