BBC Books was the book publishing arm of BBC Enterprises/Worldwide from the 1980s until 2006. In that year, it was sold to the Ebury Publishing division of Random House. BBC Books' association with Doctor Who began in 1996 when it obtained the rights to publish a novelisation of the 1996 TV movie. Then, in 1997, BBC Books launched two concurrent series of books, the Eighth Doctor Adventures (EDA) (featuring the then-current incarnation of the Doctor), and the Past Doctor Adventures (PDA), featuring the seven previous incarnations.

In 2005, BBC Books began to phase out the EDA and PDA lines as it launched a new series of books (informally dubbed the New Series Adventures) based upon the newly revived television series. In January 2007, BBC Books launched a new line of original novels based upon the Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood. In 2010, BBC Books began an annual series of "deluxe" standalone novel releases, aimed at an older readership and featuring "name" authors. BBC Books also publishes non-fiction and reference works based upon the series.